Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hanging Holiday Lights on Palm Trees in West Palm Beach, FL

Growing up in Maryland, the colder weather that Winter brings is always a sign that the holidays were approaching; however, now that I'm living in the West Palm Beach area, it always seems to sneak up on me.

Although I'm not hanging Christmas lights on the pine trees in my parent's front yard, hanging lights on my trees in Florida still get me in to the holiday spirit. I wanted to share with my clients how I hang lights on my trees in hopes that it helps them.
  • Using a ladder, climb to the top of the tree and drape a box of net lights over the the fronds. You can use multiple net lights for each frond, or just use one set to cover the entire crown.
    •  Be careful not to damage the fronds when you're attempting to place these on the tree. It's always easier with a friend!
  • Next,  run string lights from the top of the tree where your net lights end, to the base of the tree. To ensure that these lights stay in place, ensure that your string of lights is wrapped taut around the trunk. 
    • Avoid using staples, nails or anything else that can damage the tree! 
  •  Plug in your lights, admire your work, and enjoy the holidays!
Note: It's important that the dead fronds on your palm trees are removed before stringing lights on them as it can be a fire hazard. Feel free to contact my company for palm tree trimming services in West Palm Beach, FL, and we'd be happy to help!

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